Note to Creators

January 14, 2020
Yo! Jo here.

I want to take a minute to briefly note how much I value your work—without it, Devicee wouldn’t exist. The production value you bring to each video is what makes Devicee a useful resource.

While this platform is to primarily benefit consumers researching new products, it’s also designed to showcase content creators who are producing amazing videos. If you’re stoked on a YouTube video you recently published and want to bring it to our attention, please do. While we can’t guarantee we’ll embed your video into our curation, we’ll definitely take a look.

Things we look for:

• HD video quality (1080p minimum)
• Point of view / voice
• Subscribers / community growth
• No spammy in-video ads

I’d love to continue building relationships with content creators, so let’s chat. Your understanding of the tech community will really help us build a resource that both consumers and creators enjoy. The easiest ways to get in touch are through Twitter or by emailing me at

I’m stoked to see what you’ll continue to produce—talk soon.
Jo Velazquez